What Are Some Creative Snacks for Children?


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The bright colors and fun shapes of fruit and vegetable flowers, teddy bear toasts, and mozzarella and tomato caterpillars appeal to children. These recipes are creative yet easy to prepare alone or with a child's help.

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For colorful fruit and vegetable flowers, use at least three ingredients: one for the petals, one for the center of the flower, and one for the stem and leaves. Choose a fruit, such as sliced strawberries, that has a naturally tapered end, and arrange the fruit in a circular shape to resemble petals. Fill in the center of the flower with a smaller fruit such as blueberries. For the flower's stem and leaves, celery is a simple and realistic choice.

Adorable teddy bear toasts are easy and require few ingredients. Toast a slice of bread, and spread with peanut butter. Slice a banana, and arrange individual pieces on the toast for the bear's ears and snout. To finish, use raisins or blueberries for the bear's eyes and nose.

Classic flavors combine in a child-friendly presentation with tomato and mozzarella caterpillars. Simply arrange mozzarella balls and grape tomatoes into a caterpillar shape. If desired, add eyes made of hummus to the front tomato. If choking is not a concern, use toothpick halves as antennae.

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