What Is a Creative Recipe for French Toast?


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Instead of just cooking the French toast, stuffing it before cooking it allows for considerable creativity. The slices of bread should be thick. Each slice needs a cut down the center, but only halfway through the bread. Angling the knife downward during the slice makes a pocket inside the bread.

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What Is a Creative Recipe for French Toast?
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Peanut butter stuffed French toast is just one creative take on this iconic breakfast. Inside the pocket in each piece of bread, place a dollop of peanut butter. Dipping the stuffed pouches of bread into the egg mixture works just like using the egg mixture in traditional French toast. After cooking for three or four minutes on each side, the peanut butter French toast is ready to serve. As an alternative to stuffing, some people just spread the peanut butter on the finished pieces of French toast and serve it as a more traditional sandwich.

A filling consisting of softened cream cheese, black cherry preserves and walnuts makes a delicious stuffing as well. As with the peanut butter, some people dollop the mixture inside the pouch before dipping the pouch in the egg mixture and cooking. Some creative flavors to add to the egg bath include dried orange peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and different fruits.

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