How Do You Create Your Own Birthday Cake Designs?


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Unique birthday cake designs can come from a multitude of sources, and websites such as Coolest-Birthday-Cakes.com are possible resources for ideas on how to get started. The site features dozens of photographs and how-to guides for amateur decorators.

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Each birthday cake design is thematically unique to the individual, and decorators can capitalize on this trend. Shows like "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss" feature professionals who make elaborate and artistic cakes of all shapes and sizes, and the popularity of these shows has led to a custom cake movement. Taking a cake-decorating class is one way for amateur designers to learn the fundamental tools of the trade, but online resources are also plentiful, as there are many birthday cake design sites to generate creative ideas.

The Coolest Birthday Cakes website features pictures of birthday cake designs that appeal to a wide range of interests and age groups. Popular themes include castles, Legos, dinosaurs, superheroes, Hello Kitty and Barbie. Photographs usually accompany instructions on how to build the cakes, useful tips based on personal experiences and troubleshooting guides. The site also showcases a selection of birthday cakes chosen during monthly online contests and character cakes based on popular TV shows and movies.

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