How Do You Create an Online Grocery Shopping List?

How Do You Create an Online Grocery Shopping List?

To create an online grocery shopping list, register for an account on a service such as Grocery IQ. This site creates online shopping lists that can be sent to mobile devices.

To use Grocery IQ to make online shopping lists:

  1. Make a new list
  2. Go to the grocery list tab and click New List. Alternatively, go to the manage lists tab, enter the name for the new list and click New List.

  3. Save frequently purchased items
  4. Add frequently purchased items to the Favorites list. To quickly add these items to a new list, go to the Favorites tab. Click the arrow next to the item in favorites to add it directly to the list.

  5. Add one-off items
  6. Go to the Grocery List tab and select the list to work on to add a new item. Begin typing the name of the item and select it when it appears.

  7. Organize grocery aisles
  8. List the groceries in the order of the aisle in which they appear. To change the order of the aisle to match the layout of the supermarket, select the list in the lists tab. Drag and drop the order of the aisles and click save.

  9. Check off groceries
  10. Check items off the list as they're put in the trolley by clicking the checkbox next to them. Click Checkout to move them off the order into the history.