How Do I Create a Family Cookbook With Cute Sayings?


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Family cookbooks can be created using a computer and printer, an online publishing tool or even put together by hand with unique papers and hand-sewn bindings. However a family cookbook is created, it can become a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation.

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Homemade family cookbooks are as unique as the families creating them. While the content of a family cookbook, complete with cute sayings, depends on the individual family, any family can follow a few guidelines to go about creating one.

The first step is to collect favorite family recipes. They can be anything from Aunt May's Baked Beans to Mom's Birthday Surprise Cake. Including anecdotes about, for example, how the recipe was created or a favorite holiday memory featuring the food will add a fun and personal touch. Recipes that are handwritten and passed down from family members can be scanned or photographed to make the cookbook even more special.

Family sayings or quotes should be included about each recipe. Photos of the particular dish or family members eating it can be an integral part of what makes a family cookbook special, as can photos of the step-by-step cooking process that include the cook whose recipe it is. Online cookbook publishers offer help with cover design and printing and can even help promote the cookbook for sale, but a family cookbook can be as simple as a collection in a photo album or even note cards and photos in a decorated tin.

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