How Do You Create an Edible Fruit Bouquet?


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Create an edible fruit bouquet by inserting pieces of fruit onto skewers and arranging the fruit flowers in a small vase. You need bamboo skewers, a vase, foam, lettuce and a variety of fruit.

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How Do You Create an Edible Fruit Bouquet?
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Place a ball of foam in a glass vase, and arrange lettuce over the opening for the greenery. Secure the lettuce to the foam with toothpicks if necessary to keep it in place. Next, cut 1-inch thick slices from cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple. Press cookie cutter shapes such as flowers or hearts into the slices so that you have several shapes of each fruit. You can also use smaller cookie cutters. Scoop out several balls of cantaloupe and watermelon using a melon baller.

Next, core the strawberries. On some skewers, insert the strawberries, grapes and melon balls in a pattern. On other skewers, first thread on a melon ball followed by a large flower cut from the pineapple, honeydew or cantaloupe. Attach a melon ball or grape to the center of the flower shape using a toothpick. Finish by sliding a grape directly underneath the flower. Once the skewers are filled with fruit, start arranging the flower-topped skewers in the vase. Fill in the rest of the space with the fruit ball skewers.

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