How Do You Create a Decorative Watermelon Bowl for a Centerpiece?


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Making a decorative watermelon basket requires cutting a portion off the bottom of the watermelon, drawing stencil marks on the melon shell and making precision cuts to form the decorative top. The handle of the watermelon is cut out first, followed by zig zag cuts into the rind to form the decorative basket border.

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Selecting an oblong-shaped ripe watermelon is recommended for this centerpiece, and seedless varieties are a good choice when using watermelon fruit as part of the salad. Tools needed for this project include a paring knife, a pencil or non-toxic washable marker, ice cream scoop and star shaped cookie cutters. Remove 1/4-inch from the bottom portion of the melon to make the basket sturdy. Use the pencil to draw a wide handle on the top portion, and then cut out the handle using the paring knife. Use the same knife to cut out a zig zag pattern around the handle.

Remove the top sections of the melon and cut them into 3-inch thick squares, and then cut the squares into 3/4-inch thick slices. Press a star shaped cookie cutter into the flesh of leftover pieces and make individual stars for the salad. Cut five stars out of leftover rind pieces and attach with toothpicks to the handle. Scoop out watermelon flesh from the bowl section and cut into pieces for the salad. Cut strips out of honeydew melon flesh and add them to the basket along with fresh blueberries.

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