Why Do I Crave Spicy Foods?

According to AM Northwest, spicy food cravings are linked to a person's desire for adventure and personality more than any sort of nutritional deficiency or problem with the diet. Typically, a spicy food craving afflicts people that are always on the go and can indicate the feeling of something missing from one's life or a yearning for something exciting.

According to Women's Health magazine, a craving for spicy foods can also indicate that the body is having difficulty cooling down. By eating spicy foods, the body perspires and in turn, cools down. While counter-intuitive because of the hot feeling produced by eating spicy foods, this explains why spicy foods are eaten so readily in places where the temperatures soar. Research has also linked the craving of spicy foods to a rush produced by eating them and a type of addiction to them. When spicy foods are consumed, the heart rate increases, blood pressure spikes and the breathing rate increases.

According to AM Northwest, spicy food cravings can be overcome by thinking of ways to spice up one's life by trying new things and using the imagination to step into new experiences and opportunities. Often times by doing this, one can use adventure to get themselves excited without the consumption of spicy foods.