Why Do We Crave Orange Juice?

The reason for orange juice cravings or any other cravings is most often due to social cues. The only real exception to this rule is when people crave ice, paste or clay.

If a person craves ice, paste or clay then he or she may have an iron deficiency disorder known as pica. Pica is seen most in women. Many experts state that if cravings indicated that people were suffering from nutritional deficiencies, then people would crave all fruits and vegetables instead of the high-carb and high-fat foods that they crave instead.

Studies have even shown that hormonal fluctuation in a woman's menstrual cycle has no effect on her cravings. Even though cravings may not mean anything nutritionally, cravings do have psychological and social meanings.

When a person has a strong urge to eat a particular food, functional magnetic resonance scans have shown that the brain areas responsible for memory, stress and emotion will light up. External influences can also light up the areas. What this means is that when a person is stressed or feeling emotionally hurt, they will often go to what soothed them in childhood or what has been socially ingrained in their mind from advertisements. Even old wives tales such as, "women crave chocolate" can be the reason behind many cravings.