What Is Cotto Salami Made Of?

Cotto salami is a mild-flavored, Italian salami made with chopped pork and beef, pork trimmings and garlic. It also contains salt, non-fat dry milk, sugar, nutmeg, ground cardamom and cracked black pepper.

This salami can be finished in two ways. The first way is by water-cooking the salami. After the desired color is achieved through smoking, the salami is placed into a water cooker until an internal temperature of 150 degrees is reached.

The second way is to smoke and cook the salami. The temperature in the smoker is raised gradually until the internal temperature reaches 150 degrees. Then, the salami is showered with cold water until the internal temperature reaches 120 to 130 degrees. Lastly, it is dried at room temperature before being cooled. This method produces a higher quality product and better shelf-life.