Does Costco Sell Turducken Roll?

As of August 2015, Costco sells a boneless bacon-wrapped turducken roast with Italian sausage stuffing. The roll features boneless turkey surrounded by bacon. Inside are layers of boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, boneless, skinless duck breast meat, bacon and stuffing.

Each turkducken roll weighs at least 6 pounds and feeds about 10 people. It cooks inside a conventional oven or an outdoor grill. This product averages a Costco customer rating of 4.1 stars out of five. Most reviewers found the turducken easy to prepare and flavorful.

Costco also offers a bone-in version of the turducken. This bird is, at minimum, 9 pounds. Preparation methods include low or high temperature oven roasting, grill or slow cooker.