How Do You Get a Costco One-Day Membership?

Costco does not offer a one-day membership. However, customers with a gift card are allowed to shop at Costco for one day even if they do not have a membership. Only Costco members can purchase gift cards in the store, but non-members can purchase them online from secondary markets.

Costco offers several different membership options. Gold Star membership costs $55 per year as of 2015 and is ideal for individual and household use. The Business Membership also costs $55 and is ideal for business owners, as items can be purchased for business, personal, and resale use. It allows for six additional people to be added as cardholders for $55 each. Executive Membership costs $110 per year and comes with a 2 percent return reward of up to $750 per year on most Costco purchases. Members can upgrade to an Executive Membership by calling or visiting their local Costco.