How Does the Cost of Baking Cookies at Home Compare to Prepared Cookies?

While baking homemade cookies is just slightly cheaper than store-bought cookies when making small amounts of cookies, it is significantly cheaper when making large amounts of cookies. Cost differences vary depending on the brand of cookie dough being used for comparison.

When baking only small amounts of cookies (around a dozen or less), the cost difference between baking homemade cookies and premade cookies is around $1. When baking several dozen cookies, the cost of premade cookies rises several dollars over the cost of baking cookies from scratch.

An additional benefit of baking homemade cookies is that they do not contain as many preservatives and added ingredients as prepared cookies. Vanillin, an artificial vanilla flavoring that is a byproduct of wood or petroleum, is used in premade cookies instead of pure vanilla. Vanillin is cheaper than vanilla, and though not harmful in small amounts, it should not be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or allowed to come into contact with the eyes in large amounts.

Premade cookies also contain partially hydrogenated oils that contain unhealthy trans fats linked to coronary heart disease and diabetes. Cottonseed oil is also sometimes found in prepared cookies. Cottonseed oil is a byproduct of cotton that may contain high levels of pesticides.