Is Corn a Fruit or Vegetable?

Corn is botanically considered to be a grain. Corn kernels are classified by the Mayo Clinic as a fruit. Corn kernels are considered to be a fruit because they are the part of the plant that contains the seeds.

New Health Guide notes that in the United States, approximately 80 million acres of farmland are used for the production of corn. Most of this corn is used to feed livestock and pets because of the low cost of production. In addition to being used as food, corn is also used in cooking aids such as oil and sweeteners. Corn is also used in items such as cosmetics, textiles, ethanol and some medicines.

Corn accounts for over 20 percent of nutrition and the majority of food production worldwide. Much of the corn harvested in the United States feeds livestock and pets. Corn is not only used as food for animals and humans; it is also used in the making of cosmetics, medicine, glue, ink and fabric. Byproducts of processed corn include beverages, cooking oils, sweeteners and starch.