How Do You Find Copycat Recipes for Joe's Crab Shack Dishes?


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Joe's Crab Shack copycat recipes can be found on copycat recipe sites. The recipes include dishes such as blue crab dip and great balls of fire.

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Ranker.com has a list of the best copycat recipes for Joe's Crab Shack, based on votes. Recipes listed are for great balls of fire, blue crab dip, coconut shrimp, seafood stuffing, etouffee, enbrochette, Harvest Bay Mahi Mahi, fishbowl drink, rice pilaf and pineapple dipping sauce.

Tod Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes has copycat recipes for BBQ crab, blue crab dip, crab nachos, garlic king crab legs, great balls of fire, Joes makin me java and spicy boil. Recipes must be bought from the site.

Copycat Recipe Guide has a recipe for Joe's Crab Shack steam pot. The recipe is for the classic steam pot flavor, although variations include Sam Adams, The Ragin' Cajun, The New Orleans, The KJ, The Bean Town Bake, the Joe's Classic, the Old Bay and the Diablo. This calls for Dungeness crab and sweet snow crab. It also uses shrimp, smoked sausage, garlic, corn, red potatoes, oil, beef bouillon cubes and black pepper. The recipe requires access to fresh seafood and a large pot. Two pots are used in the recipe: one to boil the corn and potatoes and one to simmer the broth.

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