What Is a Copycat Recipe for Tabasco Hot Sauce?

What Is a Copycat Recipe for Tabasco Hot Sauce?

To make a copycat Tabasco hot sauce, mix 36 chilies with 2 cups of water and 1 ounce of kosher salt together, and then place the product in a large glass jar. Allow the chilies to ferment for several weeks, and then add 3 ounces of oak cubes. Store the glass jar in a cool place for three months. Add 4 cups of white wine vinegar and shake every day for a month. Once strained, the sauce is ready.

Prior to mixing the chilies with the water and salt, make sure to cut off the stem and the base of the chilies. For a hotter sauce, leave the seeds in; otherwise, remove them. A blender works well for mixing and produces a paste of varying consistency.

If a large glass jar is unavailable, several quart-sized mason jars work. Do not tighten the caps all the way while the chilies ferment. Open each jar once per day to let gases escape and let air in.

Once the oak cubes are added, the chilies must be stored in a cool, preferably dark space. A refrigerator works, but make sure that the chilies do not get frozen.

When you are ready to finish your sauce, open the jar and strain the sauce to remove the seeds and pulp. After this, the sauce is ready for consumption.