What Is a Copycat Recipe for Julia Child's Coq Au Vin?


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TheFoodiePatootie.com has a copycat recipe for Julia Child's Coq au vin. Even copycat recipes with shortcuts are rather long and intricate, as coq au vin recipes have many steps and moderate or intermediate difficulty ratings on most cooking websites.

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Julia Child's original recipe for coq au vin is available on WGBH.org. Child's recipe has a mere 21 ingredients in total, while some copycat recipes have 25 to 30. Coq au vin consists of browned pieces of chicken stewed in rich red wine sauce with a garnish of mushrooms and onions.

Child's recipe has six distinct stages, which include browning 2 1/2 to 3 pounds of chicken in rendered bacon fat, flambéing the browned chicken in cognac, stewing the flambéed chicken in a broth of red wine and bouillon, sweating and simmering onions, and sautéing mushrooms. The last step entails making a butter sauce using a reduction of the chicken pan juices.

The chicken receives a basting of butter sauce mixed with the sautéed onions and mushrooms. Just before serving, it is customary to baste the chicken again with sauce, cover it and simmer it for four to five minutes. Child recommends serving coq au vin with hot French bread and either noodles, rice or parsley potatoes. For greens, a salad or buttered green peas pair well. Child advises serving the same red wine that is in the recipe, which is whichever vintage the chef uses.

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