What Are Some Cooking Tips From CBC Best Recipes Ever?

CBC's Best Recipes Ever recommends using a heavy-bottomed, stainless steel pan for making roux to prevent it from burning and suggests using arborio rice to achieve a creamy texture when making risotto. A variety of useful articles with cooking tips from CBC's Best Recipes Ever are available on CBC.ca.

The cook should warm the starch and liquid slowly when she makes a roux in order to prevent the sauce from clumping. She should whisk the mixture continuously so that the sauce does not burn at the bottom of the pan. If the cook uses starches other than the all-purpose flour usually specified by the recipe, she should account for the different thickening powers of different types of starch and adjust the ingredient proportions accordingly.

The cook should not rinse the rice that she uses for risotto because that washes away the starch. She should sauté the rice in butter or oil to coat the grains in fat, making them less likely to stick together. When she adds the liquids, she should add the wine first and allow the alcohol to evaporate before adding the remaining liquids. She should cook the risotto over medium-low heat and add the liquids one cup at a time to allow the rice to cook gently and to achieve a more potent flavor. The cook should also stir the risotto frequently throughout the cooking process.