How Do You Find Free Cooking Lessons?

Free cooking lessons are available in-person at stores, such as Williams-Sonoma. There are also numerous free online cooking courses and lessons.

Williams-Sonoma offer free cooking lessons, such as technique classes. These take place in store, so the online store finder may be useful to locate the nearest class. Technique classes cover topics such as best of air frying, new uses for VitaMix and KitchenAid and basic knife skills. Classes are one hour long. Participants receive free tastings of prepared food and 10 percent savings on same-day store purchases.

A list of online cooking classes is available at One of the courses suggested is the BBC's cooking techniques, which has easy, intermediate and advanced videos. Another is the New York Times' Cooking With The Times, which covers dishes such as lasagna, pizza, calamari, side dishes, fish and omelets. Dinner Tonight by Texas A&M has video instructions and printable recipes for healthy dishes such as chicken enchiladas, apple tuna salad and zesty lemon chicken. Delia Online has a "How to Cook" program with training in the categories of poultry, meat, eggs, fish, pasta, fruit and vegetables.

Craftsy has four free online cooking classes. These are creative ways with whole grains, perfect pizza at home, cooking mistakes and complete knife skills.