What Are Some Cooking Guides for Gas Grills?


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Gas grill cooking guides are available online on BBQ.About.com and AmazingRibs.com. The first of these guides covers both grill maintenance during the grilling process, as well as long-term maintenance. AmazingRibs.com offers guidance on best gas grill setups for cooking, zone setup on a gas grill and long-term maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Specific gas grill topics on BBQ.About.com include keeping a grill clean, controlling flare-ups, the relationship of heat and sugar, watching the grill during cooking and food safety tips. The website notes that sugar burns at 265 degrees Fahrenheit, and so those cooking with sugary sauces need to keep the gas grill heat below this level. It also recommends checking safe cooking temperatures for meats, keeping watch on food at all times and using a different plate to take in the meat than was used to transport the raw meat to the gas grill.

Among AmazingRibs.com's gas grill suggestions is zone setup for grills with multiple burners. This lets the cook better control the temperature of the indirect heat side. The website also recommends putting water pans under the grates, or on top of the grates if the first method is not feasible. It recommends using hardwood chunks, chips or pellets to add a smoke flavor to the meat.

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