Which Cookies Are No Longer Made by Nabisco As of 2015?

Cookies no longer made by Nabisco as of 2015 include Nabisco Snaps Cookies, Nabisco T.J. Bearwich Cookies and Nabisco Butter Cookies. Other discontinued cookies from Nabisco include Nabisco Cookie Break Cookies, Nabisco Kettle Cookies and Nabisco Melody Cookies.

Nabisco is an American company that makes cookies and other snack products. Nabisco is known for its brands such as Oreo, Newtons, Nutter Butter and Teddy Grahams. Nabisco discontinues the production of cookies that are unpopular.

Nabisco Snaps Cookies are no longer made by Nabisco. They were packaged in either small brown and white boxes or red and white boxes. The box featured an animal on the cover that was drawn superimposed over a cookie. Nabiscos Snaps Cookies were small and crispy. They came in chocolate or chocolate chip flavor.

Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich cookies were also discontinued. These cookies featured a soft marshmallow interior with two vanilla wafers on the outside. There are several brands of cookies that mimic Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich cookies, such as Hippodromes, Whippets and Burry's Merry Mallows; however, the Nabisco variety is unavailable.

Nabisco Butter Cookies is another variety of Nabisco cookies that is no longer made as of 2015. Nabisco Butter Cookies were round and shaped like flowers. The Nabisco Butter cookie was tan-colored and had a hole in the center.

Nabisco Cranberry Newtons, Nabisco Swiss Creme Cookies and Nabisco Mystic Mints cookies are also discontinued as of 2015.