What Are Some Cookie Recipes That Use Crisco?


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Many cookie recipes can be modified to use Crisco in place of the butter called for in the recipe. Two of the most common recipes to substitute Crisco in are the Toll-House chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cookie recipes. The resulting cookies are softer and chewier than butter recipes.

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What Are Some Cookie Recipes That Use Crisco?
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Crisco is a solid vegetable shortening that can be used in cookie recipes to create a more moist, softer and chewier cookie. Cookies should be removed from the oven as they begin to brown and allowed to cool on a cookie sheet before being removed and stored. The substitution ratio is to use the same amount of Crisco in place of the butter. There is no substantial alteration in the flavor of most cookies when substituting Crisco for butter, but for best results in chocolate chip cookie recipes, the butter should be substituted with butter flavored Crisco. Use 1 cup of Crisco to substitute for the 1 cup of butter.

In peanut butter cookie recipes, there is no change in the flavor, and either Crisco flavor works. Most peanut butter recipes call for 1/2 cup of butter so the substitution is to use 1/2 cup of Crisco. Cookies made with Crisco keep as long as those made with butter, typically three days in an airtight container.

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