How Do You Cook Wild Mushrooms?


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To cook wild mushrooms, first clean them to remove bugs and debris, then cut them into uniform thicknesses and cook them in a pan with butter and salt to enhance the flavor. Some types of mushrooms require being boiled before any other cooking to remove any toxins.

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How Do You Cook Wild Mushrooms?
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To clean mushrooms before cooking, use as little water as possible to prevent the loss of subtleties in flavor and texture. Clean mushrooms at least 30 minutes prior to cooking to allow time for air drying.

Cut smaller mushrooms in half or leave them whole. Slice larger mushrooms into uniform sizes for even cooking. Use unsalted butter rather than oils that may overpower the flavor of the mushrooms when cooking. Lemon juice and salt also enhance the mushrooms' natural flavor rather than masking it. Cook mushrooms on the stovetop over medium heat in a saucepan or skillet. Avoid crowding and layering to allow for even cooking on all sides. Mushrooms can also be tossed with oil, garlic and salt and roasted in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven.

Knowing what types of wild mushrooms you've picked is crucial to prevent sickness. Avoid eating any wild mushrooms raw. Mushrooms should only be stored for a few days.

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