How Do You Cook Turkey Sausage Links?

There is more than one way to cook turkey sausage links, but a popular method is to use a frying pan or a griddle. Cooking turkey sausage links in a frying pan ensures an even, crisp finish.

  1. Preheat the frying pan

    Add a small amount of oil to the frying pan, and preheat the pan so that the oil is hot. Use just enough oil to ensure the base of the pan is covered with a thin film. Use a medium heat, and take care not to overheat the oil.

  2. Prepare the sausages

    Cut the sausages at the links so they can be placed in the frying pan individually. Do not cook too many sausages at once. When the sausages are placed in the pan, they should not be touching one another.

  3. Cook the sausages

    Cook the sausages on medium heat for approximately 12 minutes. Turn the sausages regularly to ensure they cook evenly. When the sausages are done, they should have a crisp, golden brown texture on the outside, and they should be piping hot on the inside.