How Do You Cook Scallops?


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Cook scallops by first defrosting them if frozen, adding butter or oil, seasoning them as needed and using high heat. They can be broiled, grilled, deep-fried or pan-seared.

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How Do You Cook Scallops?
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Before cooking, prepare placing frozen scallops in the refrigerator to thaw overnight. If using a microwave, use the defrost setting, and check them often to make sure that they do not start to cook in the microwave. Rinse off the thawed or fresh scallops, pat them dry, and cut them to equal size pieces for even cooking.

To pan-sear scallops, heat 2 tablespoons of safflower or canola oil at medium-high heat, and add the scallops. Cook for six minutes, making sure to turn halfway through. To bread scallops, place them in a plastic bag with flour and seasoning before searing them in the pan. You can also grill scallops by skewering them on soaked wooden sticks and cooking them on a grill at medium-high heat for eight minutes.

Broiling scallops calls for a broiler pan and wooden skewers. Put the scallops on wooden skewers, and brush 3 tablespoons of melted butter seasoned with pepper and paprika on them. Place the skewers on a broiling pan, and place the pan in a rack just 4 inches from the heat. Cook for up to 10 minutes, turning once to promote even cooking.

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