How to Cook Pork Neck Bones?

Pork neck bones can be cooked in a large saucepan with water where they will develop a foam that needs to be removed off of the top. They can be covered and simmered for around 2 hours until the meat falls off of the bones. Pork neck bones are generally served on a bed of rice or can simply be cooked in the same way with cups of water to create a broth that will work as a staple.

Pork neck bones do not have a lot of meat on them, but are able to provide a succulent flavor to the sauces and broths that they are often used for. The small amount of meat that is on them will fall off with proper cooking and will have a similar taste to that of pork ribs. It is a rich meat. Pork bones are a staple in soul food as well as Italian-American food dishes. They are generally found in markets and can be much less expensive than some of the other parts of a cut of pork. They broth that comes from pork neck bones can also be found in Korean and Chinese dishes as a staple for many different types of food.