How Do You Cook Pattypan Squash?


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Roast, grill, steam or braise whole small pattypan squash, or slice a large pattypan squash horizontally before grilling or roasting it. Another option is to hollow out a large pattypan squash and stuff it. Home cooks can also pickle baby pattypan squash in a spicy brine or saute it with feta and basil. Small personal pizzas made using slices of pattypan squash instead of pizza dough are a low-carb, gluten-free alternative to regular pizza.

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A good recipe for braised pattypan squash involves cooking it with chorizo sausage, onion and tomato. Pattypan squash also works well in a dish of mixed roasted vegetables or as an ingredient in a fresh pasta primavera, summer ratatouille or vegetable lasagna.

Before grilling pattypan squash, home cooks can thread it onto skewers and dust the pieces with coriander and cumin. Grilled pattypan squash with Indian spices pairs well with grilled onions and chunks of beef or chicken prepared on the same skewer.

Stuffing options for larger pattypan squash include lemon and currant quinoa or a rice, cheese and spinach mixture. Another way to prepare stuffed pattypan squash is to fill the hollowed-out shell with a blend of fresh corn kernels, mashed squash, finely chopped onion and a light custard.

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