How Do You Cook Orzo?

To cook orzo, add 1 1/2 cups orzo to 4 cups of boiling water, season with salt, boil the orzo for 10 minutes, then drain and serve. Do not rinse the orzo when finished cooking unless it is being used for a cold salad.

Orzo can be used as a simple side dish alongside a main dish made with sauce. If the main dish does not have a sauce to put over the orzo, add butter and olive oil to the orzo, then add in one or more other ingredients. Some ingredients that go well with orzo are fresh herbs, spinach leaves and lemon juice, green onions and sweet bell pepper, chopped olives, and sundried tomatoes.

Orzo can also be used as an ingredient in an orzo salad. In this case, rinse the pasta with cold water after straining and then add in fresh vegetables, cheese and greens, such as spinach or arugula. Some fresh ingredient options for the salad are sugar snap peas, thinly sliced onions, chopped artichoke hearts and grape tomatoes. Add in the cheese of your choice, such as Parmesan, goat cheese, blue cheese, feta or mozzarella. Dress the salad with a homemade or store-bought vinaigrette.

Finally, orzo makes a good addition to broth-based soups. Simply add uncooked orzo to the soup 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.