How Do You Cook Lambs' Hearts?

Chefs can cook lambs' hearts by trimming them, rinsing them and then grilling, roasting or braising them. Lambs' hearts also make good additions to dishes, such as stuffing and kebabs.

Lambs' hearts are less common in modern Western cuisine than they were in the past, but they are found in many traditional British and Moroccan dishes. Lambs' hearts are cheap and they tend to be more tender than pig or chicken hearts, making them an attractive ingredient for traditional dishes.

Before cooking, cooks should prepare the hearts properly. This entails removing the less pleasant parts of the hearts and makes them more palatable. The hearts can be prepared using the following steps:

  1. Trim fat from the hearts using a very sharp kitchen knife or a pair of kitchen scissors.
  2. Cut off arteries, veins, tubes and anything else that looks tough or unappetizing.
  3. Rinse the insides and outsides of the hearts under the tap using cold water.

Lambs' hearts should be cooked quickly with very high heat or slowly with a lot of liquid or stuffing. This prevents them from getting dry and tough.

To cook lambs' hearts on their own, cooks should marinate them in red wine, olive oil or another liquid. They can then grill or braise them in the oven.

Stuffing also helps keep lambs' hearts moist. Cooks can chop them up and mix them with breadcrumbs and other stuffing ingredients to create traditional stuffing or patties. They can also stuff the hearts and roast them in the oven.