How Do You Cook Lamb Rump Steaks?

Lamb rump steak can be cooked by placing it in a hot, thick-based pan, frying it until moisture appears on the raw side and then turning it over. Depending on the thickness of the meat, turn once for medium to rare and twice for well done.

For the best results, use a pan that is large enough to accommodate the meat; otherwise, the meat will stew in the juices instead of frying. Follow the following tips when preparing and cooking a lamb rump steak:

  1. Prepare the meat
  2. The thickness of the meat affects the cooking time. Ideally, lamb steaks should be around 15 mm thick. Place the pan on a high medium heat, and coat the meat in a little oil. Salt or a rub should also be added.

  3. Fry
  4. Place each cut in the pan individually, making sure the heat is still fairly high. The meat should sizzle and should be left to cook for at least 1 minute before turning. Testing the meat with tongs is a good way to gauge how done it is. If soft when pressed, the meat will be rare. Springy means medium, and firm indicates it is well done. Once cooked, the meat should be left to rest for a few minutes before serving.