How Do You Cook Kohlrabi?


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There are numerous ways to cook kohlrabi, including steaming, boiling, roasting and pan frying. Kohlrabi leaves can be cooked like any normal leafy green, and both the leaves and bulb can be eaten raw in salads, although it is recommended to blanch the bulb first.

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How Do You Cook Kohlrabi?
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When roasting kohlrabi, steam it for approximately five minutes and then roast it for around 45 minutes. Kohlrabi should be steamed for around 12 minutes or stir fried for 6 minutes. No matter how it is being cooked, the kohlrabi should first be peeled.

There are two different varieties of kohlrabi, the more common light green variety and a rarer purple type. However, the color is only on the skin, as both varieties have a light green- or white-colored flesh. The name kohlrabi comes from two German words: "kohl" meaning cabbage and "rabi" meaning turnip.

Kohlrabi is a member of the Brassicaceae family, which also includes kale, turnips, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Other vegetables in this family include horseradish, mustard, cauliflower, radishes and bok choy.

Although its use in the United States has been slowly declining, kohlrabi is still quite popular in Germany, Eastern Europe and India, where it is especially popular in the Kashmir region and usually referred to as knolkol.

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