How Do You Cook a Hot Chili Pepper?


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Wearing surgical gloves while preparing hot peppers and keeping the juice out of one's eyes and face are just two tips for cooking hot chili peppers. Taking the seeds out, scraping the ribs away, chopping the pieces fine and then throwing them into a blender combine to even the taste.

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How Do You Cook a Hot Chili Pepper?
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Some people choose to put on a pair of safety glasses when chopping hot peppers if they don't already wear glasses. This is another way to keep the juice out of the eyes. If a recipe calls for roasting a hot chili pepper, three common methods work well: using an open flame from a source such as a propane torch, putting the peppers over a charcoal grill or roasting them on a heated griddle.

Adding hot chili peppers brings a welcome heat to many dishes, including recipes for beans and salsas. Less is more when incorporating chilies into these types of recipes, so experimenting with the amounts in recipes to find the ideal amount is helpful. It's always possible to add more peppers to a salsa, but it's impossible to remove any of them.

Larger chunks of pepper are aesthetically pleasing in many dishes. Chopping bell peppers of a variety of colors adds some sweet flavor and some brightness without adding too much heat. Poblano peppers are mild, so adding larger chunks of them works as well. Blending the other peppers in with tomatoes to add them to salsas and other recipes keeps the searing spices even.

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