How Do You Cook With Granulated Garlic?


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Granulated garlic works well in barbecue rubs, marinades, chili and tomato sauces. Cook with it in much the same way that you use garlic powder, as it is a similar product but with a slightly coarser texture. Like garlic powder, granulated garlic makes a poor substitute for fresh chopped garlic in recipes that specifically call for this ingredient.

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Manufacturers produce granulated garlic by drying fresh garlic cloves and then grinding them into smaller particles. While normal garlic powder has only a slightly gritty texture, granulated garlic is much coarser. Its coarse texture makes granulated garlic a poor choice for recipes where a very smooth texture is paramount, such as soups.

Granulated garlic's coarse texture lends itself well to dishes like barbecued meat. Mixed with spices such as paprika, onion powder and cracked peppercorns, granulated garlic makes an excellent barbecue rub. During cooking, these spices form a crispy crust on the outside of the meat. While finer spices may fall off, granulated garlic's coarse texture helps it adhere to the meat's surface.

While freshly chopped garlic is usually the top choice for making garlic bread, granulated garlic can make a decent substitute. Granulated garlic is particularly useful when making garlic bread under a hot broiler, as fresh garlic may scorch and become bitter in these conditions.

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