How Do You Cook With Carom Seeds?


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Carom seeds are typically used in Indian recipes. They can be used either whole or as a powder in small quantities. They are generally sold as seeds, but if the powder form is needed, seeds can be bought and ground at home. This is best accomplished by first roasting the seeds over a low flame, then waiting for them to cool down.

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Carom seeds have a wide variety of uses due to their dominant and unique flavor. Tadka, a cooking method that involves heating cooking oil until it is very hot and adding a mixture of spices, often involves carom seeds. The seeds enhance the flavor of vegetable dishes. They are also used in pickled products due to their preservative qualities. They have beneficial digestive qualities, and are sometimes used in the batter of bhajias. They can also be added to buttermilk served after a meal or simply eaten in their dry and roasted form.

When buying carom seeds, it is important to pick only those that are crisp, fresh and strong-smelling. The older the date of packaging, the more likely it is that the seeds have lost their flavor. Carom seeds should not be bought from open bins, as they may be contaminated.

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