How Do You Cook Beans Without Getting Gas?


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To cook beans without getting gas, sort out the bad beans first, soak the beans for eight or more hours, discard the soaking water, and cook for one or more hours with fresh water. Soaking loosens the skins and releases the agent that causes gas.

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The soaking period depends on the size, age and hardness of the beans. Soak kidney beans, chick peas, navy beans and black beans for 12 to 24 hours. To soak the beans quickly, boil them in unsalted water, skim the foam and remove from heat. Cover and soak the beans until the wrinkles disappear and their size doubles. When cooking beans, boil with fresh water for 10 minutes with an uncovered pot and skim the foam.

Mung beans, black beans and pinto beans are easier to digest than soy beans, navy beans and kidney beans. To reduce gas, add a slice of ginger, a bay leaf, a few fennel seeds, or spices such as coriander and black pepper. Canned beans are more likely to cause gas than fresh beans. Before eating canned beans, drain and rinse them to remove the salty liquid. Eating cultured foods, such as yogurt, with cooked beans balances the digestive system and reduces gas.

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