How Do You Convert Regular Recipes for Use in Pressure Cookers?


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A pressure cooker requires about one-third of the time to cook food. Therefore, decrease the estimated cooking time by about one-third when cooking with pressure cooker.

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In addition, pressure cookers do not brown meat, so it is necessary to brown meat when cooking with a pressure cooker. It is possible to brown the meat for a recipe in the pressure cooker pot itself. Browning the meat in the pressure cooker enhances the flavor. Try to wash the pot down with wine, beef or chicken before cooking.

Also make sure that there is the right amount of liquid in the pot. Pressure cookers require a minimum of one cup of liquid to function properly, even though most of the liquid does not evaporate. Make sure to add half a cup more of liquid than you want to remain to account for evaporation.

Because pressure cookers use steam to cook, remember to release the pressure at the end of the recipe. There are two ways to release the pressure: waiting for the pot to cool down or running the pot under cold water to cool the steam. Most modern pressure cookers require that you release the pressure before opening the pot; this is very important for safety.

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