How Do You Convert Cooking Measurements?

How Do You Convert Cooking Measurements?

To convert cooking measurements, enter the number and the type of units into an online conversion calculator, such as the calculator available on You also can consult a measurements conversion chart to ascertain the equivalent of cups to tablespoons or pints to cups.

There are several different types of situations that potentially require the conversion of cooking measurements. Sometimes you merely need to convert U.S. dry and liquid volume measurements, or you must convert metric measurements to U.S. measurements, the metric system being much more common in other parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

In both cases, a measurement chart is helpful when a recipe that obeys the metric system contains amounts that translate equally to U.S. measurements, such as 5 milliliters, which equals one teaspoon.

Scaling up or down the number of servings a recipe yields requires another kind of conversion, that is, converting measurements according to what a revised recipe requires. Use a calculator to divide the number of desired servings by the number of servings the original recipe yields. If you desire eight servings from a recipe that normally yields 10, divide eight by 10.

The quotient is 0.8. Multiply each of the recipe's ingredient amounts by 0.8, and let the results indicate the revised amounts you must use to yield eight servings.