What Is a Comprehensive List of Gluten-Free Foods?

comprehensive-list-gluten-foods Credit: rpavich/CC-BY 2.0

Berries, fruits, greens and whole vegetables are all gluten-free, according to About.com. Most canned and single-ingredient frozen fruits and vegetables are also gluten-free. Fresh meats such as pork, lamb, chicken and turkey, and most plain milk and yogurt are gluten-free. Gluten-free grains include corn, rice and quinoa.

Many grocery stores carry gluten-free grain products, such as frozen waffles, bagels, pretzels and cereals, notes About.com. Consumers who cannot eat gluten should read package labels on grain products carefully and avoid any foods that contain wheat, sprouted wheat or Eikorn wheat. Major-brand gluten-free cereals include General Mill's Chex and Kellogg's Rice Krispies.

Plain yogurt and many flavored yogurts, including Chobani and Fage-brand choices, are also gluten-free, explains About.com. Eggs, plain milk, butter and many brands of margarine are also gluten-free. Some substitute milk products, such as rice milk and soy milk, are gluten-free, but others are not. Most cheeses, with the exception of beer-washed cheeses, are gluten-free.

Many packaged meat products, including Applegate Farms' hot dogs and some brands of ham, are gluten-free, according to About.com. Some manufacturers carry gluten-free bacon or sausage, and all Boar's Head lunch meats are gluten-free.

Several brands, including Amy's Kitchen and Glutino, make gluten-free frozen meals, states About.com. Progresso makes some gluten-free canned soups, and Bisquick makes a gluten-free baking mix.