How Do You Find Complaints Against Restaurants?


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The Better Business Bureau provides a platform for marketplace trust between consumers and businesses throughout the United States, making it simple for restaurateurs to complain about poor-quality service. Yelp provides user-generated reviews combined with select publicly available data, including restaurant inspection information.

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Both the Better Business Bureau and Yelp are not limited only to publishing information about restaurants; they publish ratings and complaints about nearly every type of public business. The main difference between the two platforms is that Yelp is based on customer reviews while the BBB uses an accreditation system to rate businesses.

In both cases, individuals who have had unpleasant experiences at restaurants can submit complaints, warning other individuals about the restaurant in question and alerting the owners of poor-quality service. The BBB's platform is designed to help people connect with the businesses that provided poor service and to gain restitution, while Yelp focuses more on posting user reviews without obliging either party towards any particular action.

Neither the BBB nor Yelp is accredited to address complaints related to health code violations and food poisoning complaints. These companies refer their users to the local health department of the city or state that issued the restaurant's food handling certification for any serious health-related complaints.

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