How Do You Compare LCBO Liquor Prices?


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Compare Liquor Control Board of Ontario liquor prices using the company's online catalog at LCBO.com. The catalog has a search engine that can list products by price range, and the website features limited-time offers that compare original and reduced prices. The catalog also allows people to search by beverage category, region and country of origin.

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The LCBO is a government-owned corporation in the province of Ontario, Canada. It has a reputation for higher-than-average prices, which are due in part to Ontario's higher taxes on alcohol than most American states. These pricing policies reflect the company's mandate to help control alcohol consumption and generate revenue for the provincial and federal government. The pricing also favors the domestic alcohol beverage industry. Beverages that are less intoxicating, such as beer and light wines, are sold at a reduced rate.

The LCBO started operations in 1927 after the end of prohibition. A liquor control act went into law and authorized the LCBO to control the transportation, delivery and sale of alcoholic beverages in the province of Ontario. As of 2015, the company returns over $1 billion each year to the government of Ontario. It is one of the world's largest purchasers of alcoholic products.

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