What Companies Sell Goose Meat and Grease to the Public?


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Companies that sell goose meat to the public include Schlitz Foods, Whole Foods Market and iGourmet.com. In addition to goose meat, Schlitz Foods sells rendered goose fat, or goose grease. Customers can also purchase rendered goose fat imported from France at Amazon.com

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Schlitz Foods carries a wide array of goose meat products, including smoked goose legs, breast tenders and whole sliced breasts. Containers of rendered goose fat are available in 1/2-pound, 2.5-pound and 30-pound containers. The company also offers free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

For those looking for a whole roasted goose for a holiday meal or special occasion, iGourmet.com offers geese ranging from 10 to 12 pounds delivered frozen to customers. These geese are raised in South Dakota and fed an all-natural diet free of antibiotics. Another place to purchase goose meat that is free of antibiotics and fed an all-vegetarian diet is Whole Foods Market, which sells Mary's Free Range Geese from Pitman Family Farms.

For those who want to cook authentic French cuisine at home or want an alternative to oil and butter, Amazon.com features La belle Chaurienne-Graisse D'Oie La Belle Chaurienn. This product contains 100 percent rendered goose fat and goes well with potatoes and vegetables. Customers can also use it to make the skin of large roasted meats extra crispy.

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