What Companies Manufacture Reusable K-Cups?

What Companies Manufacture Reusable K-Cups?

Medelco, Eco-Fill, Brew & Save, Solofill, Cafe Cup and Ekobrew are all brands that make a reusable single cup pod. Keurig, the original manufacturer of the single-serve coffee maker, also manufacturers single cup coffee filters.

In 2015, several companies manufactured reusable pods suitable for single-serve coffee makers. The reusable filters are typically made of stainless steel mesh in dimensions that fit into a wide range of coffee makers. Users can fill the cups with any ground coffee. The Eco-Fill cups are made to be environmentally friendly and are free of BPA in their plastic components. Ekobrew also makes a reusable cup that's all stainless steel.

Keurig, from which the term "K-Cup" comes, also manufactures a reusable, single-serve coffee filter.

In 2014, Keurig released a new version of the single-serve coffee maker. The new coffee makers include a digital restrictions management system. The interactive readers programmed into the coffee maker work only with the Keurig-licensed K-Cups. The technology hinges on a dye the company imprints on the tops of its pre-filled, single-serve cups.

Green Mountain is one of the main competitors for the pre-filled cups.Green Mountain had already cracked how to imprint single-serve cups with Keurig's proprietary dye. However, this new technology does restrict users from using the reusable cups with the new Keurig system.