What Are Some Common Uses of Coriander Spice?


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Coriander is a common ingredient in a number of regional or ethnic cuisines, including Thai, Middle Eastern, Latin American and North African. Coriander seeds also purportedly possess healing properties and help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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What Are Some Common Uses of Coriander Spice?
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Coriander is prized for its exotically vibrant aroma and flavor. It has a warm, spicy and sweet scent, which is then layered with notes of pine, citrus and caraway, People frequently either grind the spice before use, as with a mortar and pestle, or toast the seeds over medium heat in a skillet to release the aromatic oils. In Latin America cuisine, coriander is often partnered with cumin to produce that region's distinctively balanced flavors.

Because of its potency, coriander is typically not used in large amounts. Instead, small amounts amplify the flavors of such preparations as sausages, curries, soups and even baked goods. Coriander is also a sought-after ingredient in the beverage and beauty industries, where it is used to add depth to vermouth, gins, specialized liqueurs and perfumes. Unground coriander seeds retain flavor and fragrance for several years if kept in an airtight container. While coriander may have health benefits for digestion and flatulence and as a heavy metal detoxifier, natural remedies shouldn't be pursued without a doctor's validation and approval.

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