What Are Common Sausage Seasonings?

What Are Common Sausage Seasonings?

What Are Common Sausage Seasonings?

A common and popular seasoning that is used on sausage is chili pepper Forms of chili pepper include cayenne, which give sausage a hot and spicy kick.

Salt and ground black pepper are often used on a variety of sausages. Sausage is usually made from pork and is naturally salty. Therefore, salt should be used in moderation. Black pepper and white pepper season this type of meat well and are easily found in most grocery stores.

Fennel seed is a seasoning that is used in Italian sausage. Cracked seeds work best at seasoning sausage and provide a hint of licorice flavor.

Ginger is frequently used to season pork and is used in a variety of Asian pork dishes. Pimento is generally used to season Jamaican recipes.

Cumin, which is the dry seed of a flowering plant and is also used as a spice in Mexican dishes. Garlic and onion can be diced and added to sausage as it browns for seasoning.

Fresh or dried rosemary makes an excellent addition to roasted pork and grilled pork. Sweet and sour pork and orange pork are seasoned with coriander. Sprigs of thyme add a burst of flavor to pork and roasted vegetables.

Mace is a key spice in the making of Bratwurst. Mace is the shell casing of nutmeg.