What Are Common Questions on Food Safety Tests?

What Are Common Questions on Food Safety Tests?

What Are Common Questions on Food Safety Tests?

The questions on food safety tests vary by certification programs and state requirements, but most tests ask questions in several categories, including preventing contamination, monitoring the flow of foods and ensuring product time and temperature, among others. Contact the food safety certification program for practice tests and more information.

States, counties and cities can have different certification requirements of food handlers, and many different programs exist to offer area-specific training for those in the food industry. The National Restaurant Association, as well as the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, are two such programs that offer food handler certification and training on the proper ways to store, prepare and serve foods in a commercial setting.

While tests differ, some common examination content includes:

  • Preventing contamination
  •  This area of testing focuses on strategies in storing, protecting and disposing of food properly.

  • Employee hygiene and health
  • This area of testing typically focuses on employee hand washing, hygiene, glove use and other health issues.

  • Monitoring the flow of foods
  • This area typically focuses on the plans for properly receiving, storing, displaying, preparing and serving food.

  • Ensuring time and temperature
  • This area of testing focuses on the correct way and length of time to store food, as well as how to manage safe food temperatures.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • This area tests for understanding on how to store and maintain supplies and tools, as well as how to properly clean and sanitize food areas.