What Are Some Common Items on a Spanish Food Menu?

What Are Some Common Items on a Spanish Food Menu?

Some common food items that are found on a Spanish menu include paella, gazpacho and sangria. Tapas is a popular style of Spanish cuisine in which appetizers are served.

Paella is a Valencian rice dish prepared with seafood or other traditional meats, such as chicken or rabbit. Seafood paella is very common on menus and mixes yellow rice with vegetables and shellfish. Another popular dish is a Spanish omelet, which is fried in a pan and made of potatoes, eggs and onions.

Gazpacho is a soup that is often featured on a Spanish food menu. Gazpacho is a cold soup that is often served in summer months. The soup base is tomatoes blended with onions, garlic and peppers then seasoned with oil and vinegar.

A popular beverage in Spanish restaurants is sangria. Sangria is made of wine, fruit and brandy. Red sangria is more traditional to Spain, but sangria is also made with white wine known as rebujito.

Tapas is a popular style of Spanish cuisine. A tapas meal consists of hot and cold appetizers. The idea behind tapas cuisine is that diners have more conversation with one another when they are not eating a full meal, but rather picking from a series of appetizers. Cold tapas might include olives and cheeses while hot options might include empanadillas, or fried turnovers filled with meat and vegetables.