What Are Common Ingredients in Peruvian Cuisine?

What Are Common Ingredients in Peruvian Cuisine?

Some common ingredients used in Peruvian dishes include potatoes, lucuma, quinoa and yuca. Peruvian dishes often use fresh produce and tropical fruits and vegetables, though the tastes are not too extreme.

Many exotic fruits are used in Peruvian dishes, such as lucuma. This type of fruit is native to Peru and is often used in these types of dishes. The flesh of the fruit is yellow with a starchy and dry feeling, but it instantly melts on the tongue. It is similar to the taste of pumpkin and maple and is typically used in desserts and puddings.

Cuy is a type of animal that is often served in Peruvian dishes. It is typically cooked in the oven or fried, but can also be served on a spit.

Yuca is a type of root vegetable that comes from Paraguay or Brazil. It often grows in sub-tropical climates and has a white, starchy flesh. It tastes like a potato and is often fried or boiled into dishes. It may also be stuffed with cheese prior to breading and frying.

Many of the vegetarian Peruvian dishes contain quinoa. This is a type of grain that has all amino acids, a high amount of protein and calcium, and plenty of iron. It is served as a side dish or in soups and salads. Peruvians also eat quinoa as breakfast cereal.