What Are Some Common Foods That Are Rich in Iron?


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Meats rich in iron include beef and chicken livers, chuck roast, ground beef, turkey leg, and leg of lamb. Seafood containing lots of iron include shell fish such as oysters, clams and shrimps, and tuna in the fish category. Non-meat iron-rich foods include spinach and tofu.

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What Are Some Common Foods That Are Rich in Iron?
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Plant-based sources of iron are found in a variety of foods. Among breakfast foods, oatmeal and enriched raisin bran top the list. Using a natural sweetener such as molasses on cereal and toast provides an additional boost of iron during breakfast. Legumes such as kidney beans, lima beans and navy beans provide the body with iron, as do lentils, which are popular in soups. Whole grains contain iron, and choosing brown rice over white rice, and whole wheat bread over white will increase iron intake. Eating peanut butter is a tasty way to consume a daily amount of iron.

Iron is a natural mineral that is present in the human body, and it plays a big role in maintaining healthy red blood cells. A lack of iron in the body leads to anemia, a condition that causes an array of unpleasant physical symptoms. Individuals suffering from anemia experience fatigue, headaches, dizziness and frequent chills.

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