What Are Some Common Cooking Measurement Conversions You Should Know?

A stick of butter is 8 tablespoons, which is also equivalent to 1/2 cup, and 2 tablespoons equals 1 standard coffee scoop. Every cook should also know that a pinch is 1/8 teaspoon and a dash equals 1/16 teaspoon.

Many recipes require cooks to convert ingredients from cups to ounces, or vice versa. Eight ounces is equivalent to 1 cup, and 2 cups is the same as 16 ounces.

Conversions between cups and tablespoons are also common in the kitchen. One cup equals 16 tablespoons, and 1/3 cup is the same as 5 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon. A recipe that calls for 6 ounces of beef broth can be measured as 3/4 cup or 12 tablespoons.

In some situations, cooks must convert milliliters or liters to cups or teaspoons. One tablespoon is equivalent to 15 milliliters, while 1 teaspoon is the same as 5 milliliters. Two cups, or 1 pint, equates to 470 milliliters and 1 gallon converts to 3.8 liters.

Individuals who cook should also know that the juice of one lemon is usually about 3 tablespoons, and one lemon produces about 1 teaspoon of grated zest. Six ounces of chocolate chips can be measured as 1 cup or weighed as 160 grams.