What Are Some Common Bulgarian Dishes?

What Are Some Common Bulgarian Dishes?

Shopska salad is the most popular Bulgarian salad dish. Shkembe chorba is a hot soup and tarator is a cold soup commonly eaten at Bulgarian meals. Moussaka is a traditional Bulgarian dish made with potatoes, ground meat and tomatoes.

Shopska salata is eaten cold and made from chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and peppers. Bulgarian white cheese is sprinkled on top. This salad is named after the shopi, a large group of frugal people who live in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.

Shkembe chorba or Bulgarian tripe soup is made from the lining of the stomach of cattle. It is seasoned with garlic, vinegar, and hot red pepper and has a unique aroma and pleasant taste. Shkembe chorba helps alleviate a hangover.

Tarator is a cold soup made of cucumbers, yogurt and garlic and is often eaten in the hot summertime. Additionally, salt, dill, olive oil and pecans are added to the salad. Local variations of this salad may add bread to it, replace cucumbers with lettuce and carrots, or replace the yogurt with water and vinegar.

Moussaka is one of many Bulgarian foods commonly considered to be Greek. The meat and vegetable ingredients are topped with a white sauce and then baked. It may also be eaten with the addition of bay leaves or topped with yogurt.